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How Can Blogger Sites Add Google News

Adding your Blogger site to Google News can help increase visibility and reach a wider audience for your content. Here are the steps to get started:

Content Requirements:

Ensure your Blogger site meets the content requirements set by Google News.
Google expects news sites to provide timely, original, and high-quality journalism.
Your content should follow journalistic standards, cover current events, and offer unique perspectives.
Create Unique Articles:

Publish unique articles on your Blogger site that cover news topics.
Avoid duplicate or syndicated content, as Google prioritizes original reporting.
Implement Structured Data Markup:

Implement structured data markup, such as, on your Blogger site.
Structured data helps Google understand and categorize your content accurately.
Include relevant metadata like article headline, publication date, author, and description.
Customize RSS Feed:

Customize your Blogger RSS feed to meet Google News requirements.
The feed should only include news-related posts and exclude non-news content.
Apply for Inclusion:

Visit the Google News Publisher Center ( and sign in with your Google account.
Submit your Blogger site for inclusion in Google News.
Provide accurate information about your site, its content, and the locations you cover.
Review and Approval Process:

Google reviews your application and assesses whether your site meets their guidelines.
This process may take several weeks, and Google will notify you via email of their decision.
Maintain Quality Standards:

If approved, ensure your Blogger site continues to meet Google News quality standards.
Consistently publish high-quality, timely news content to retain your inclusion in Google News.
Monitor Performance:

Use the Google News Publisher Center to monitor the performance of your articles in Google News.
Analyze data on impressions, clicks, and user engagement to understand audience response.
SEO Best Practices:

Implement basic SEO practices to optimize your articles for search engines.
Use relevant keywords, craft compelling headlines, and write meta descriptions that accurately reflect the content.
Follow Google’s Guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with Google’s guidelines for news publishers.
Stay updated with any changes or updates to these guidelines.
Remember that inclusion in Google News is not guaranteed, and meeting the requirements does not guarantee approval. Google evaluates each application individually based on its guidelines and criteria. It’s important to adhere to journalistic standards, provide unique and timely news content, and follow the best practices outlined by Google.

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