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How Do You Submit A Site To Google News

Submitting your site to Google News can help increase visibility and reach a wider audience for your news content. Here are the steps to submit your site:

Create High-Quality News Content:

Before submitting, ensure that your website consistently publishes high-quality news content.
Focus on providing original, timely, and accurate articles that follow journalistic standards.
Review Google News Publisher Guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with Google’s guidelines for news publishers.
Ensure your site meets their content, technical, and quality requirements.
Set Up Google Publisher Center Account:

Go to the Google News Publisher Center website ( and sign in with your Google account.
If you don’t have a Google account, create one before proceeding.
Add Your Publication Information:

In the Google Publisher Center, click on “Add Publication” and provide information about your publication.
Include details such as your publication’s name, website URL, language, and location coverage.
Verify Ownership of Your Website:

To verify ownership, you need to prove that you have control over the website you’re submitting.
Google offers various verification methods, including HTML file upload, HTML tag, or domain name provider.
Meet Technical Requirements:

Ensure that your website meets the technical requirements set by Google News.
For example, your site should have a dedicated news section, clear article URLs, and proper pagination.
Comply with Google News Content Policies:

Review and comply with Google News content policies.
Avoid publishing prohibited content, such as adult, violent, or misleading information.
Submit Your Site for Review:

After completing all the necessary steps, submit your site for review within the Google Publisher Center.
Provide accurate and detailed information about your site and its news content.
Wait for Approval:

Google will review your submission, ensuring it meets their guidelines.
The review process may take several weeks, and Google will notify you via email of their decision.
Monitor Performance and Make Improvements:

If approved, monitor the performance of your site’s articles in Google News.
Analyze data on impressions, clicks, and user engagement to make improvements.
It’s important to note that meeting the requirements and submitting your site does not guarantee inclusion in Google News. Google evaluates each application individually based on its criteria. Continue to provide high-quality news content, adhere to journalistic standards, and follow Google’s guidelines to increase your chances of approval.

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