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How To Restore Fulltext Searching In Google News

Google News provides users with a curated collection of news articles from various sources. While Google News allows for easy access to headlines and snippets of news content, it does not provide full-text searching by default. However, there are alternative methods you can use to restore full-text searching within Google News. Here’s how:

Use Advanced Search Operators:
Google offers advanced search operators that allow for more specific and targeted searches. By utilizing these operators within Google News, you can enhance your search capabilities and retrieve more comprehensive results. Some commonly used operators include:

Quotation Marks: Place keywords or phrases within quotation marks to search for exact matches.
Site Operator: Add “site:” followed by the website URL to search for articles only from a specific website.
Intitle Operator: Use “intitle:” followed by keywords to search for articles with those keywords in the title.
Intext Operator: Utilize “intext:” followed by keywords to search for articles with those keywords in the body text.
Utilize Google Search:
While Google News has its own interface, you can also perform full-text searches using Google’s general search engine. Simply enter your desired keywords or phrases into the search bar, and Google will display a broader range of results, including news articles. This allows for more extensive searching across the web.

Explore Google News Archive:
Google News Archive is a separate platform that hosts historical news articles from various sources. If you are specifically looking for older news content, you can visit the Google News Archive website ( and utilize their search functionality to access full-text articles from past publications.

Consider Alternative News Aggregators:
While Google News is a widely used platform, there are other news aggregators available that may offer full-text searching options. These alternative platforms often provide additional features and search capabilities beyond what Google News offers. Explore different news aggregators and their search functionalities to find one that meets your specific needs.

Subscribe to News Publications:
To gain access to full-text articles from specific news publications, consider subscribing to their websites or digital platforms. Many publishers offer subscription options that provide unlimited access to their content. Subscriptions often include enhanced search capabilities within the publisher’s website or app.

Utilize News Apps and Services:
News apps and services, such as Feedly, Flipboard, or Apple News, offer customizable news feeds and the ability to search for specific topics or keywords. These platforms aggregate news articles from various sources and allow users to access full-text content. Explore different news apps or services to find one that suits your preferences and provides comprehensive searching capabilities.

While full-text searching may not be available directly within Google News, utilizing advanced search operators, exploring alternative platforms, and leveraging general search engines can help you restore and enhance your ability to search for specific news content. Additionally, subscribing to news publications and utilizing news apps or services can provide full-text access to articles from specific sources.

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