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Why Is There A Google News Rejection

Getting your website rejected from inclusion in Google News can be frustrating, but there are several reasons why this may happen. Google has strict guidelines and quality standards that publishers must meet to ensure the credibility and reliability of news content. Here are some common reasons for Google News rejection:

Insufficient or Low-Quality Content:
Google News requires publishers to consistently produce high-quality, original, and timely news content. If your website lacks a sufficient amount of quality news articles or if the content is deemed low-quality, it may not meet Google’s criteria for inclusion. Focus on improving the depth, accuracy, and relevance of your news content to increase the chances of acceptance.

Lack of Transparency and Credibility:
Transparency and credibility are essential for inclusion in Google News. If your website fails to provide clear information about its authors, sources, ownership, or contact details, it may be seen as lacking transparency. Additionally, if your content includes false or misleading information, violates copyright laws, or promotes illegal activities, it will not meet Google’s guidelines for credibility.

Technical Issues and Non-Compliance:
Technical requirements play a crucial role in Google News inclusion. Failure to comply with technical guidelines, such as using unique URLs for each article, providing clear publication dates and bylines, or implementing structured data markup correctly, can lead to rejection. Ensure your website meets the technical requirements outlined in the Google News Publisher Guidelines.

Website Design and User Experience:
A poor website design or a negative user experience can also result in rejection. If your website has slow page load times, broken links, excessive ads, intrusive pop-ups, or a confusing navigation structure, it may not meet Google’s standards for a positive user experience. Optimize your website design and usability to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Lack of Authority and Trustworthiness:
Google News aims to include authoritative and trustworthy sources. If your website is relatively new, lacks a strong reputation, or does not have a significant readership, it may be perceived as lacking authority. Establishing credibility through high-quality content, reputable sources, and consistent publishing can increase your chances of acceptance.

Violation of Google News Policies:
Google has strict policies that prohibit certain types of content from being included in Google News. Examples include adult content, hate speech, violence, or illegal activities. Ensure that your content aligns with these policies and avoids any prohibited topics or themes.

Repeated Violations or Penalties:
If your website has previously violated Google’s guidelines or has been penalized for spamming, scraping content, or engaging in other unethical practices, it may face rejection from inclusion in Google News. Address any previous violations, resolve penalties, and demonstrate a commitment to following ethical practices.

It’s important to note that rejection from Google News does not necessarily mean your website lacks value or quality. It simply means that it does not meet the specific requirements for inclusion at that time. Review the reasons for rejection provided by Google, make necessary improvements, and reapply if appropriate. Continuously strive to enhance the quality, credibility, and user experience of your website to increase the likelihood of acceptance in the future.

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