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How To Submit Your New Blog And Website To Google News

Getting your new blog or website included in Google News can significantly increase its visibility and reach. While inclusion is not guaranteed, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to submit your new blog and website to Google News:

Review the Google News Publisher Guidelines:
Before submitting your blog or website to Google News, familiarize yourself with the Google News Publisher Guidelines. These guidelines outline the quality standards, content requirements, and technical specifications that your website must meet to be considered for inclusion.

Create High-Quality News Content:
Google News focuses on delivering news articles from authoritative sources. Ensure that your blog or website consistently produces high-quality, original, and timely news content that adheres to journalistic standards. This includes providing accurate information, proper sourcing, and well-written articles.

Verify Technical Requirements:
Your blog or website must meet certain technical requirements to be eligible for inclusion in Google News. Ensure that your website uses unique URLs for each article and provides clear dates, headlines, and bylines. Implement structured data markup, such as the Article schema, to help Google understand the structure and relevance of your news content.

Set Up a Google News Publisher Account:
To submit your new blog or website to Google News, you need to set up a Google News Publisher Account. Visit the Google News Publisher Center ( and sign in with your Google Account. Follow the instructions to complete the account setup process.

Add Your Publication Details:
After setting up your Google News Publisher Account, you need to add your publication details. Provide accurate information about your blog or website, including its name, URL, language, target audience, and contact information. Ensure that the information aligns with the content and purpose of your publication.

Publish High-Quality News Content:
Start publishing high-quality news content consistently on your blog or website. Google News typically looks for established and active publishers that regularly produce news articles. Aim to have a substantial number of well-written, relevant articles before submitting your blog or website for inclusion.

Monitor Your Website Performance:
Regularly monitor the performance of your blog or website using tools like Google Analytics. Analyze metrics such as traffic, engagement, and user behavior to gain insights into how users interact with your content. This information can help you optimize your website and content strategy to improve its chances of being accepted by Google News.

Submit Your Blog or Website for Review:
Once your blog or website meets the guidelines and has a sufficient amount of high-quality news content, you can submit it for review. Within the Google News Publisher Center, follow the instructions to submit your blog or website for consideration. Provide any additional information requested and ensure accuracy throughout the submission process.

Monitor Status and Make Necessary Adjustments:
After submitting your blog or website, monitor the status of your submission through the Google News Publisher Center. Google will review your website for compliance with their guidelines and quality standards. If your blog or website is approved, it may take some time for your content to start appearing in Google News. If your submission is not accepted, carefully review the feedback provided by Google and make necessary adjustments to meet their requirements.

Remember, Google News has strict criteria for inclusion, and not all submissions are accepted. It’s essential to adhere to their guidelines, consistently produce high-quality news content, and meet technical requirements. By following these steps and continuously improving your blog or website, you increase your chances of being included in Google News and expanding your reach.

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