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Is dropshipping via aliexpress still worth it

Dropshipping has become a popular business model for entrepreneurs looking to start an online store without the need for inventory management or shipping logistics. AliExpress, a Chinese online marketplace, is often chosen as a source for dropshipped products due to its extensive range and competitive prices. However, with increasing competition and evolving market dynamics, many people question whether dropshipping via AliExpress is still a worthwhile endeavor. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of dropshipping via AliExpress to determine if it remains a viable option.

Pros of Dropshipping via AliExpress:

Diverse Product Selection: One of the advantages of dropshipping via AliExpress is access to a vast array of products. AliExpress offers a wide range of goods, including electronics, fashion, home decor, and more. This variety allows dropshippers to cater to different market niches and cater to diverse customer preferences.

Competitive Prices: AliExpress is known for its affordable prices, which can be advantageous for dropshippers. Lower product costs enable sellers to set competitive retail prices and potentially achieve higher profit margins. The price difference between AliExpress suppliers and end consumers allows dropshippers to generate revenue by marking up the products.

Easy Integration with E-commerce Platforms: AliExpress is compatible with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. This integration simplifies the process of importing products, managing orders, and automating fulfillment. Dropshippers can easily import product listings from AliExpress to their online stores and streamline the order fulfillment process.

Reliable Shipping Methods: AliExpress offers various shipping options, including ePacket, which delivers products to customers relatively quickly at an affordable cost. This reliable shipping service improves the overall customer experience and reduces delivery times compared to traditional international shipping methods.

Cons of Dropshipping via AliExpress:

Long Shipping Times: Despite the availability of faster shipping options like ePacket, many AliExpress suppliers still rely on standard international shipping. Consequently, customers may experience longer shipping times, often ranging from several weeks to a month or more. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential negative feedback.

Product Quality Control: While AliExpress has numerous reputable suppliers, the lack of control over product quality remains a concern for dropshippers. With multiple sellers offering similar products, it’s important to thoroughly research and vet suppliers to ensure they deliver satisfactory products to customers consistently.

Increased Competition: As dropshipping continues to gain popularity, more entrepreneurs are turning to AliExpress as a source for their products. This increased competition can make it challenging to stand out among other sellers. To thrive in this competitive landscape, dropshippers must focus on differentiation through branding, marketing strategies, and excellent customer service.

Customer Support Challenges: Another potential drawback is the language barrier and communication challenges that dropshippers may face when corresponding with AliExpress suppliers. Prompt and effective communication is crucial for resolving issues, tracking orders, and addressing customer inquiries. Overcoming these challenges requires patience and effective communication strategies.


Dropshipping via AliExpress can still be a viable option for entrepreneurs if approached strategically. The platform offers a diverse selection of products at competitive prices, making it appealing to those seeking a wide range of options. However, dropshippers should be mindful of long shipping times, maintain strict quality-control standards, and differentiate themselves from competitors through superior customer service and effective marketing strategies. By carefully selecting suppliers, providing transparent shipping information to customers, and addressing any language barriers, dropshippers can position themselves for success in the dynamic world of dropshipping via AliExpress.

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